Posted by: darcymullin | January 30, 2011

On Learning

Hi everyone,

I have recently begun using Twitter as a tool for learning.  The more I learn about it, the more I realize that there has been a whole conversation about education I have been missing out on.

I see myself as a learner and I try and develop the awe and wonder of learning in my kids, my students and the school I work in.

My objective for this blog is to be part of the conversation and connect with people who want to learn and share.  I look forward to the discussion.



  1. I am unconvinced about Twitter. It seems to harbour some pretty strange people!

    • Hi Nicole, I agree that there are some different people on Twitter, but there are people with different ideas everywhere. It took me a long time to appreciate Twitter…I have had an account for almost two years and only now am I beginning to realize its value. I love the way I am learning to connect to other people and their ideas. Thanks for the response! My first ever.

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