Posted by: darcymullin | February 22, 2011

Entering the Twittershpere

I have had a Twitter account for 2 years – for 22 months it pretty much sat dormant.  I didn’t really understand why people used it or how it worked, but over the last two months I have committed to it and I sure am glad I made the investment. 

Now, I have an ever expanding PLN (I didn’t even know what that was two weeks ago) that I am learning from daily.  I am reading blogs, watching thoughful videos, and connecting to educators from all over North America. 

Today was my first time engagning in #edchat “live”.  I have tried before, but to be honest I couldn’t keep up with all the tweeting.  Today was different – I was committed and replied to a few tweets.  In 20 minutes I had some great conversations with @ecollins8, @davidwees, @MeganLearner and @Crudbasher about the value of blogging with students.  What I liked best was they were conversations I choose to be in that were of interest to me…how often do our students have that choice? 

I am so excited about the conversations that are happening out there, to think that 2 months ago I oblivious and the world (of education) was starting to pass me by.  Sure I read a couple of journals and tried to keep up on professional reading, but not daily and not often.  Now in 20 minutes I can read and connect to colleagues and spend the rest of the day thinking and reflecting about my learning.

Thanks Twitter!



  1. Nice to chat with you too Darcy! I have been collecting resources for the last 14 months about PLNs. Here is my list if you want to check it out. PLN List

    See you around twitter!

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for the list. I look forward to spending some time going through it.

    Talk to you soon.

  3. I totally agree, Darcy! I love being able to engage with professionals who have different backgrounds and perspectives. Twitter is the best way I know to do that! Look forward to discussing more with you in future #edchats!

    • Thanks for the comments Megan. We’ll talk soon!

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