Posted by: darcymullin | April 7, 2011

Authentic Learning – Awesome!

As I went around the school this morning I saw some amazing things that I had to share.

In this picture a group of grade 4/5 students are presenting their work on a school wide KIVA fundraising project to our Grade 1/2’s.

In this photo  our Kindergarten students are baking bread under the guidance of a professional baker (and parent).

In this photo our Grade 4/5 class is working on an ukulele project. Notice the teacher is using AFL strategies while the rest of the class is working on their group compositions.

As I toured the school this  morning not one student even noticed I was there.  I did not see one single student off task and it was noisy everywhere I went.  Why?  Every student was engaged in their authentic learning.  As the principal I could not be more proud.



  1. That’s pretty awesome. I can’t stand being in a quiet classroom unless there is testing going on or there is some type of reading/literacy activity. There are too many other different options for learning that involve fun social interaction (and feedback).

  2. Thanks for the comment Doug. I couldn’t agree more – it was a really fun day today.

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