Posted by: darcymullin | August 26, 2011

My Professional Growth Plan

On Monday evening I participated in the #bced chat.  The topic was about how to evaluate teacher professional growth.  It was a fascinating discourse that morphed into a discussion about professional growth in general.  The discussion got me thinking about my learning for the upcoming school year – how do I want to grow and learn and how will I be accountable for my learning? Then it came to me…blog it.  First, I will have a written record that I can refer to, second, and perhaps more important, making it public builds in some accountability.


So…here goes.  The following is a list of areas I would like to grow and improve upon over the 2011-12 school year.

  1. Improve my transparency – this year I am starting at a new school.  I want to make myself accessible and open.  I want staff, students and parents to feel comfortable in approaching me and have open dialogues.  I want to use a variety of sources to make myself accessible.
  2. Listen – In many ways this is tied in to the goal above, but in my mind the key to a developing great relationships is first and foremost is a willingness to be a great listener.  Definitely and area I can improve upon.
  3. Become More Math literate – at my new school the Inquiry is focused around explicitly teaching the traits of effective  mathematicians.  I have not taught Math since I entered administration (5 years), so I want to learn to be able to facilitate teacher professional learning.
  4. Go Deeper into Personalized Learning – last year I waded into these muddy waters and attempted to weave Assessment for Learning Practices with Project Based Learning.  I had good results and learned a lot, but I also realized I can do a much better job of making learning personal.
  5. Integrate Technology – last year I took the leap into twitter and blogging and it has been an amazing learning experience.  Now that I understand those mediums, I need to push myself to start integrating and using some of the technology and web-based tools I have read about.
  6. Enjoy Every Minute – every year has it challenges and sometimes I can get wrapped up in the moment and feel the stress of the job.  I know that stress is inherent in the job, but when things get tough I want to take the time to appreciating all that I have.  I am in a profession that rewards me every day…sometimes I need to look a little harder for the rewards.

That’s it.  I know there are many other areas I can improve, but I need to keep it manageable.  I ask for the assistance of my PLN to hold me accountable and ask me for evidence of growth. 

Have an excellent school year!



  1. Great goals for this coming year, Darcy!

    I think it is a wonderful idea to actually thoughtfully reflect upon your goals and then make them public in your blog. It is a great way to hold yourself accountable. If it’s written in your blog, it will be easy to refer to as well. I think I may just do this! Thanks for the idea. Now, I just really need to sit and think about what my goals will be for the coming year. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Hi Tia,

      Thanks for the comment. I hope that I have built in some accountability. I hope that having posted it online will keep it in my forefront of my thinking and add the pressure of walking the walk so to speak.

  2. Darcy
    Leading by example! Love it! Thanks for sharing your goals with us. I really believe that becoming a “reflective practioner” and engaging in this type of process is so important. Maybe I’ll check in with you throughout the year and see how its going 😉

    Keep well

    • Thanks Johnny. My hope is that people will check in and ask how I am doing. The accountability to my PLN will be a motivator for sure.

  3. Darcy,
    What a great example of leading by example; allowing yourself to be vulnerable will inspire others to also be reflective in identifying areas of strength, challenge and possible next steps. You have identified some big areas and the idea of blogging will certainly become a powerful reflective tool enabling you to be “accountable” to yourself and the learning targets you have set out for the year. Have you thought about how you will “measure” where you are now and where you will be at various checkpoints through out the year? How will you know that you have been sucessful in your journey? It seems so obvious I guess but I’m struggling in doing this as I develop my own learning plan for the year and thought maybe you had some thoughts on this …

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Yikes! How to measure? Great question. One of the reasons I put my plan out there was to have people challenge my thinking and ask tough questions. My first thought is through my blog and reflective posts, I will write about my personal growth in each area. As I write this, I think I may have to be more specific in my specific target areas with in each goal. Hmmm…this is beginning to sound like a little self imposed AFL. Thanks for asking the tough questions.

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