Posted by: darcymullin | October 7, 2011

Paradigm Shift

For many reasons the first 6 weeks of school have been a challenge.  Challenges are good things, they often inspire us to push through and face it head on.  However, this has not been the case with me – I have not been motivated and for the longest time I could not figure out why I was in a “funk”.  It occured to me this morning why I have been feeling this way.  My learning has been stangant.

There are reasons for this, but the biggest reason is I was not making the time to engage in learning.  A large  part of my learning  is through engagement of my PLN and I was not investing in it.  I was having conversations with some close tweeps, and following only specific hashtags that for the most part were dwelling on negativity – increasing my frustration and further disengaging me.

I realized that I need to be inspired by the great work that is going on in schools.  I need to read about and connect with people who are passionate and continualy pushing their learning and who believe that we all can be a change agents.  I need to model learning…in fact I realized that in order to be fulfilled I NEED to learn and feel like I am moving forward. 

I like (so many) others, have been inspired by Steve Jobs and his legacy.   His outlook on life, learning, relationships and family should inspire us all.  Doing what you love is not work, following our passion and embracing life should be what we all aspire to.

I realize that I need to not only engage in online learning, but in the learning that is happening around me.  I am making the committment to set scheduled times to be in classrooms (thanks to my admin partner), getting to know teachers and students better and get myself immersed in the learning that is happening at shcool.

More than anything, I realized that if I am not happy and engaged in what I am doing, I need to change my paradigm and do things differently.

Thanks to all those out there, learning and sharing.  You all continue to push my thinking and learning (and give me the occasional kick in the butt I need). 

Thanks to everyone in my PLN and happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadians!


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