Posted by: darcymullin | December 13, 2011

Struggling With My Growth Plan

Back in August, I set out a professional growth plan for myself.  Part way through the year I what I felt was good
, but I was really struggling with one area – Math Literacy.  The school I moved to this year is/was working on an inquiry focused on Traits of a good Mathematician, but for a number of reasons the inquiry has stalled and so has my learning around numeracy.  I don’t teach Math, so I am really struggling to find meaningful ways to learn.  It would be easy to take a pass, but I really don’t want to.

Recently I read a great post by Jeff Delp.  In his post he talks about the need to be connected and disconnected at the same time.  It is wonderful that many of us are connected through Social Media and writing about our experiences, but he argues that as administrators if we want to be seen as instructional leaders, we need to be in classrooms and engaged in discussions with our staff.  I couldn’t agree more.   I see a real opportunity to kill two birds with one stone – first, get on track with my growth plan and second follow through on a commitment I made to our school.

Earlier in the year I made the proclamation that I was going to be visiting classrooms on a regular basis.  To be frank, it has not happened.  In fact, I was playfully “called out” about it at our Christmas party.  That is what I really like about writing and blogging…once it is out there in the public domain, there is a certain level of accountability.

So that’s it, starting in the New Year I will purposefully get into classes during Math.  It will allow me to view Math instruction from Kindergarten to Intermediate classes and give me a better sense of the Math Traits we a re trying to teach at our school.  I will be able to have conversations and ask questions about what I am seeing.  I am really glad that I took the time to set out a plan back in August, but even happier that I blogged about it.  It has kept me on track with my learning – for that I am appreciative.



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