Posted by: darcymullin | February 9, 2012

Student Led Conferences

This week at school we had an early dismissal day for student led conferences.  Lucky for me, my kids go to the school I work at, so I get to see first hand how they are progressing.  Working in the same school as my kids, I get a pretty good sense of how my kids are doing.  That said, as a parent the best information I can get is having my kids explain their learning to me.  It is so powerful…we get so much more information than letter grades could ever give us.

Listening my kids talk about their learning got me thinking about my own practice.  Regular readers (my mom♥) know that I have been focusing on Project Based Learning for a while now.  I love the PBL process and the deep learning the students are engaged in, but often the evidence of learning are not reproducable – massive models that have to be dismantled, skits etc.  That coupled with the fact that I am not a regular classroom teacher has made it hard to have conversations with parents about their child’s learning.  I knew I had to do a better job of engaging and keeping parents informed on their student’s learning.

Yesterday I read a blog by Pernille Ripp10 Easy Things You Can Change In Your Classroom Today and had an aha moment – I read her class blog and saw that it was the answer to my question.

I can see the powerful potential of a class blog.  First, parents can get updates via email and for most parents this is still the preferred way to communicate.  I also think it will be an easy way to get kids talking to their parents about their learning.  They are always so proud of their work and are excited to “see it” online.  I am hoping to generate some dialogue in the comment feed.  Classroom blogs are just one more way to engage in conversations and invite the (important) voice of the parents to be heard.

If you are interested in checking out our blog click here.  Better yet check back in a few weeks and see what we have been learning.



  1. Thanks Darcy. You have me hooked and I’ll be poking my head in to your class regularly (via the blog of course!)

  2. Nice post, Darcy. What I love about this is that you aren’t just focused on students doing a bunch of “stuff” – projects – for the sake of doing something different, but are focused on the intended learning outcomes and allowing students to demonstrate their proficiency in more meaningful and authentic ways. The class blog idea is a great one. Typically, when projects leave home that’s the end of it. Parents might know the “score” or grade, but rarely have a chance to interact with their children with regards to what learning the project embedded. I will definitely be checking out the class blog!

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