Posted by: darcymullin | March 15, 2012

Professional Growth Plan – Update #3

This is my third check in.  You can read my original post here and the other updates here and here.

  1. Improve my transparency – I have continued to try to improve my accessibility.  Our school Facebook page is starting to have more two-way conversation on it.  Other staff members and parents have begun posting events,  or asking questions.  We have over 2/3 of our families getting updates.  As I have mentioned in earlier posts, transparency depends on trust and trust is only built over time.  I continue to try to do what I say I will do and follow through on my commitments.  I feel that I am making steady progress on this goal.
  2. Listen – In retrospect, this is a hard goal to measure and quantify.  Our district is looking to put in a more concrete process for administrators to develop growth plans next year.  One aspect we are looking at is that of critical friend.  A colleague of mine has a teacher, a CEA and a district Administrator as his critical friends on his growth plan – a well-rounded group for sure.  I think I listen, but to get a true sense of my progress in this goal, I would need feedback from people I work with.
  3. Become More Math literate – I have made some attempts to further my learning, but I have not made any realistic progress on this goal.  I have tried a few different things, but I have not put in a consistent effort.  It may be a case of taking on too much – it may be one that gets deferred to next year.
  4. Go Deeper into Personalized Learning – I have been really pleased with my growth in this area.  I have begun partnering with a teacher in my school, Megan Snider and a colleague of mine Scott Edwards.  Having another person to bounce ideas off and talk to about what is happening has proved invaluable.  I also have to give a big thank you to our teacher-librarian Kim Robb who is continually pushing the envelope and sharing/sending ideas my (and many others) way.  Check out my class blog for some of the stuff we are doing.
  5. Integrate Technology – Since my last check in, I have made some real strides in this area.   I created a class blog – thanks Pernille Ripp for the inspiration.  I have also started using slideshare to upload and share kids work.  We have begun to have some real serious discussions about how to (cost) effectively and efficiently integrate technology into classrooms in our school.  We are making plans to get technology into teachers hands sooner rather than later.  Everyone is ready and we have some key people who are ready to act as mentors and trainers for those who need it.  It is very exciting.
  6. Enjoy Every Minute – In spite of everything that has been happening in BC I am absolutely loving my year.  I work with an amazing staff who continue to go above and beyond in every way.  I walk around my community and I continually  have parents stopping me and telling me how amazing our teachers and school is.  I am proud and humbled to work here and I am looking forward to the challenges that inevitably lie ahead.

That’s it for now.  I will check in and re-evaluate at the in a few months.  As I mentioned earlier, my plan is lacking critical friends, so any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.



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