Posted by: darcymullin | July 11, 2012

My Professional Growth Plan – Final Check In

This year in attempt to focus my professional growth I decided to blog about my plans for the year.  It has been a good experience and kept me focused throughout the year.  You can read my original post and the other updateshere and here and here.

I’m not real big on letter grades, but I will give a progress report for each of the areas.

  1. Improve my transparency – As I have stated in previous posts, transparency is dependent on trust.  I think trust is built on being accessible and by following through on commitments.   I have done many things to increase communication and accessibility for parents (our Facebook Page being one example) and staff, but I realize that trust takes a long time to build and only a moment to break.  Status: continued work in progress.
  2. Listen – In my last post I came to a conclusion on this goal.  Please feel free to review it here.  Status: continued work in progress.
  3. Become More Math literate – This is the one goal I did not make any meaningful progress on this year.  Originally, I wanted to take on this goal as it had been an area of inquiry within our school. For a number of reasons it didn’t happen for me this  year.  I think the context changed and our school has moved in a new direction, therefore I needed to focus my energy and learning elsewhere.  Status – incomplete.
  4. Go Deeper into Personalized Learning – Overall, I made growth in this area, but I wish I had made more.  I worked with colleagues both within and outside our school to create projects.  In the end, I think I have turned a couple of people on to the concept of Project Based Learning.  I am happy about that, but when I compare the work I did in PBL this year and compare it to last, I don’t see a huge improvement in my own work.  I need to do a better job of breaking down the Learning Outcomes and making them the forefront of what we are doing.  I think the students need clearer targets and need to have continual reflection and self (and peer) assessments as they work to learn. Status – good progress, but still a work in progress.
  5. Integrate Technology – I did continue to make growth in this area.  I created a class blog and have plans to create a school blog next year in an attempt to further engage parents.  I began using social media (slideshare and to a very limited extent edmodo) to have students share their work with their parents.  One of the most exciting areas of growth this year has been my learning in hardware and infrastructure.  Thanks to my colleague Allan Crossley who continues to push the envelope and my thinking and learning we are on the cusp of a technology revolution at our school.  We are basically moving from overheads to Ipads and projectors overnight.  People are so excited to make the leap into technology, but I realize they will need lots of support to take the next step.  Status – achieved.  This will likely be a main goal for next year.
  6. Enjoy Every Minute – The following was from my last post, but it bears repeating. In spite of everything that has been happening in BC I am absolutely loving my year.  I work with an amazing staff who continue to go above and beyond in every way.  I walk around my community and I continually  have parents stopping me and telling me how amazing our teachers and school is.  I am proud and humbled to work here and I am looking forward to the challenges that inevitably lie ahead. Status – achieved.

That’s it.  As mentioned above, it has been a great year.  I have really enjoyed blogging about  my growth and learning throughout the year.  I have appreciated those who have followed along and taken the time to comment and push me when I needed to be pushed.

I guess it’s almost time to begin thinking about next year :-).



  1. Darcy,

    I enjoyed reading your professional growth plan at the beginning of the year and looked forward to updates throughout. Good for you for being so transparent in your goals and the progress of these goals. It makes one very vulnerable to put oneself out like that. You should be commended for your efforts and dedication to modelling this wonderful learning process.

    I think that every goal that we make is one that can continue to be “in progress” throughout our career. I just imagine just adding to the plate. I can’t imagine every really “getting” there. That’s what is so wonderful about our profession.

    I look forward to learning from you and your journey next year.

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