Posted by: darcymullin | February 1, 2013

The Week That Was

Have you ever had one of those weeks?

You know the kind.

The ones where you are counting down the days to Spring Break.  The ones where you think, “If I can just make it to Friday, I’ll be fine.”

That was me this week.  It was no one thing – it was many things.  More than anything, it is working with students who are struggling.  Some of them struggling in very public and intensive ways.  It is hard.  I know kids do well if they can and that I believe it is our job as a school to create the conditions where all kids can succeed, but it’s hard work.  Emotionally draining work.

Hence, the countdown to Spring Break…

I am not writing this to complain about how hard my job is or that schools are broken, but more of an appreciation of all that is good.  In the midst of a day and week that was as hard as any I remember, there was some moments that made me realize why I am so thankful to be an educator.

On Thursday morning I was in the gym just as a Kindergarten class was about to do the Virginia Reel.  They had been working hard and were doing a bit of a performance.  One of the girls was missing her partner, so the teacher who shall (not) remain nameless (Cathy Brickenden) put me on the spot and asked if I would join in.

How do you say no to a 5-year-old girl.  

So dance I did.  For five minutes, everything that was on my mind was gone.  I was just playing with the kids and they were loving it as much as I was.  I was truly lost in the moment just enjoying being there and laughing with the kids. There is even video evidence, but that is not making it on this page 🙂WP_20130201_001

Our school has the most amazing breakfast club (that’s another post).  Once in a while I  go in and flip a few pancakes to lend my support for the wonderful service they give our school.  Well I forgot that I volunteered to do it this week and on Thursday night I was kind of dreading it because I knew how busy my Friday was going to be.  However, I hate to renege on a commitment,  so off I went and was it ever worth it.  Again, spending a few minutes with kids who were so excited to eat a pancake that I made was amazing.  Especially, since all I did was put it on the griddle and flip it.   Being there with the kids, greeting them laughing with them and spending a few minutes with our amazing volunteers gave me energy and immediately lightened my mood.

I guess this post is more for me than anyone else.  It is a reminder to me to the importance of committing a little time.  It is the small things and taking the time to enjoy the moment.  When I do that, I am able to appreciate all that I have and how lucky I am to work in the school I do, with the kids we serve and with the most dedicated and talented staff I know.


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