Posted by: darcymullin | July 11, 2013

Core Values

Last night I took part in #ntchat.  The topic was interview skills for new/beginning teachers.  I suggested that in an interview, teachers would be well served to understand their (4-5) core values and then weave those into whatever questions arise.  My thinking is that candidates come across as authentic and are less likely to be stumped by a tough question. My tweet spawned a bit of a side discussion about and I went on to say that someone should be able to articulate what their Core values are.

I was thinking it has been a while since I have articulated them, hence this post…

core values

My core values – in no particular order.

1) Always be a learner – we are in the business of education and the heart of education is learning, so it is my belief that I should model this at all times.  Modelling is important, but I also try to create an environment that supports teachers and students on their learning journey as well.

2) A culture of care – going back to my classroom days, this is something that I always believed in and worked on.  I wanted every student that walked through the door to know that I was in their corner and that I cared about how they did and who they were.  As an administrator my beliefs aren’t any different.  Perhaps it’s harder because the population has grown from a class to a school, but I want people to walk into our school and feel a culture that permeates all that we do.

3) Trust – relationships are important (an understatement for sure), but great relationships start with trust.  I work hard to build and give trust to the people in our school.  I have faith that students and teachers are working as hard as they can to do their very best. Believing that allows me to act in a supportive role instead of acting punitively.  If there is trust, then people are more apt to take risks and #1 (above) seems to flow naturally.

4)Put students first – every day we are all faced with decisions.  When I am making decisions at work, this is the lens that I look through.  I try to make the decision that best serves the students we work with.  Decisions are not always easy, but when you are transparent with your intentions people may not always agree, but they at least understand.

5) Integrity – it’s a big word and one that gets used a lot.  However, I believe it’s essential to build trust and relationships.  I think it imperative to be true to what you say and what you believe.  It is important to walk the walk and follow through with promises.  Without integrity, your message is lost.

This is far from a complete list, but if I was asked what I believe, this list would be  a start.  It’s important to note that I really believe in #1, so that being said I am far from perfect and am still working on everything on this list.  It’s a continual work in progress.

What would you add to this list?  What am I missing?



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  2. I think this is a great idea. Knowing my core values will help me in all areas of my work. I would add “respect everyone” to my core values. Respect goes a long way. Thank you for your informative blogs!

    • I agree respecting everyone should be there. I really thought about adding mutual respect, but I think elements of it fall under trust and culture of care.

      • That’s true. Your blog inspired me to create a tutor training manual for my company. I included our core values in the manual. This will ensure we are all on the same page! Thank you for the inspiration!!

  3. As an educator I think a strong like for children… all children, with all their positive and negatives, a little love in your heart can make all the difference. Young children need more love and understanding than anything else…

    • I couldn’t agree more Kate. Not to overgeneralize, but society could do with a little more understanding and compassion as well.

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