Posted by: darcymullin | September 26, 2013

It’s all About Trust

September is a busy month.  In many ways I equate it to those first few months of parenting.  As a parent either you remember (and shudder) or you have wiped the craziness from your personal hard-drive.  Anyway, September is one of those months where  you are so busy dealing with right in front of your face, you can’t stop and see the big picture that surrounds you.

It is also a month where we have many difficult conversations.  Conversations with parents, teachers, students etc., not bad conversations – just difficult.  Conversations where people are advocating for their interests, or the interests of their children or students, but also ultimately conversations where all the needs are not going to be met.

I’m slowly coming around to the point of this post.

trustAs the end of September nears, and start-up is no longer an applicable term, I have had some time to reflect on those conversations and what the are really about.  I had one such conversation that really resonated with me.  After listening and discussing to each others perspectives for quite some time, I remained unmoved from my original position.  The other person while not happy accepted my decision.  As we were wrapping up they said,

“Well Darcy, I guess I am just going to have to trust  you on this.”

It didn’t resonate with me then, but it has now.


That really what it all comes down to.

Without a foundation of trust I don’t think we can be effective as educators.

Students thrive when they take risks and they will only do that if they trust their teachers and their classmates.

Schools thrive when educators trust each other and support each other.  People are more will to take a risk if they know there is someone there to catch them if they fall.  When people take risks we learn.

Parents and communities are more supportive when they trust the school has their child’s best interest at heart. They are more willing to talk and voice concerns when they trust those concerns are being heard.


Yep, that about it.



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