My name is Darcy Mullin and I am a husband, father and educator living in beautiful Summerland BC.  I have worked in the field of education for 17 years.  Most of my career has been in middle schools, but I am now the principal at Giant’s Head Elementary.  Becoming principal at a new level has created many, many learning opportunities for me.

My hope for this blog is to have a conversation about learning.  It might be about becoming a better educator, leader, husband or dad.  Learning comes in ebbs and flows, but as long as we are moving in a positive trajectory we are growing and that’s what it’s all about.



  1. Hi Darcy,
    Nice Post. Absolutely agree and we are starting a similar conversation at our school in Squamish. What is the conversation in your school about report cards and letter grades. Would love to hear about what this might look like.

  2. Hi Darcy,
    This is our 2nd year in using the book, “Lost at School” We are going deeper to understand the behaviour that prevents student from being successful. We are going ‘schoolwide’ in the way we make connections with our ‘high flying’ students. Looking forward to seeing Dr. Ross Greene in N.Van Nov. 2.

    • I would love to chat more about your implementation. We are working with Dr. Greene’s company and one of his CPS trainers this fall. We are training (16hrs) a cohort of our staff in the process. We are pretty excited about it. We tried some implementation last year and had some good success.

  3. This website is going to be of great help to me. Thanks for the thoughtful approaches that support our good instincts and point out where we are going off the track for our own reasons (too tired, too hungry, etc.)!

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